Salient White Elephant

Best Posts on the Salient White Elephant

If you’re in a hurry, let me direct you to the best posts on my blog:

Summary of the Best Ideas on the Salient White Elephant

Circular Wind Dam

VAWT Forest With OmniDirectional Flow Accelerators

Highly Scalable Semi-Direct Drive Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

High Speed Centrifugally Stable VAWT

How I Invent Wind Turbines

I Dream of Genie Wind Dam

Ultra-Long-Range Ultra-Efficient Electric Automobiles

Helically Stacked Darrieus or Savonius Rotor

Darrieus with Inverting Asymmetric Airfoil

Wind Turbine Stethoscope

Capacity Factor

Very High Capacity Factor Wind Turbine

Practical Artificial Pressure Differential Wind Turbine

Tipi Cross-Section Circular Wind Dam

Sustainable Skyscraper

Super Honkin’ Counter-Rotating Water Cooler Cones

Synopsis of the Best Design Tricks Developed to Date

VAWT Forest

Segmented Circular Wind Dam With Adjustable Flow Accelerators

Wind Turbine Lightning Protection

Airborne Wind Dam

Semi-Direct Drive Linear Turbine With Yawing Oblong Track

20 Megawatt VAWT

Dirt Cheap Ultra-Simple Efficient Third World Water Transport Pump

Automatic Wind Turbine Blade Washer

High Altitude Guyless Darrieus

Contact the Salient White Elephant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

My other blogs:

Salient White Elephant in Canada
(mostly energy related ideas, but anything goes on this blog!)

Cyberville Hobo
(music related inventions and ideas)

Doughnut County Sheriff
(inventions and ideas not related to wind energy or music)

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