Salient White Elephant

April 25, 2009

Wind Turbine Humidifier for Augmenting Energy Density

This post suggests increasing the energy density of the wind by injecting a fine mist into the oncoming streamtube. This might be impractical for traditional wind turbines, but it may be feasible for many of the turbines proposed on this blog. For example, the Sustainable Skyscraper and the Circular Wind Dam both manipulate flow with fixed structures. In this case, it is easy to position the misting devices in areas where the flow is already concentrated. I am hypothesizing that if the mist is injected at a sufficiently distant location upwind of the turbine, then by the time the fog reaches the turbine it will have absorbed kinetic energy from the surrounding wind to the extent that the velocity of the foggy wind is the same as the wind’s original velocity (that is, the velocity it had before the fog was injected).


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