Salient White Elephant

April 25, 2009

Improved Reciprocating Water Pump

This post shows how the piston of the old water pumping windmill can be moved up to ground level:

Improved Reciprocating Water Pump

When the piston goes down, it pushes water down through the small tube into an extremely taught rubber bulb (sphere at bottom of small tube). This causes the bulb to expand, which expands the water in the region above the lowest check valve and below the upper check valve, thus raising the water column in the larger cylinder and ejecting some water into the storage tank. Now when the piston goes up, the combination of the suction created at the top of the small tube and the pressure provided by the taught rubber bulb at the bottom of the small tube are sufficient for lifting the column of water in the small tube. This returns the system to its beginning state, and the piston is ready to begin another cycle with its downstroke.


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