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April 23, 2009

Wind Farm Hydro Drive

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The gearbox and generator are eliminated with this hydro drive. Instead of electric cables carrying power, water pipes carry power from each turbine to a central collection point. The water pressure at the central collection point is converted to electricity with a water turbine. An air tank buffers pressure changes.

Wind Farm Hydro Drive

Wind Farm Hydro Drive Driving Generator

I guess this idea needs a means of regulating pressure on a per turbine basis. That way if the wind speed is lower for one turbine than for all the others, the low wind speed turbine will still be able to actuate the hydro-drive. On the other hand, I guess this could be solved by providing each turbine with a variable speed transmission. Actually, this would be pretty easy to do if a crankshaft is used to drive the water pump piston. All you need to do is vary the radius of the off-axis part of the crankshaft.

Reciprocating Electric Generator Variation

This variation eliminates the water turbine at the central station where water pressure is converted to electricity. The water turbine is replaced with a reciprocating piston exactly like the kind that the turbines use to raise water pressure in the first place. So you just reverse the process, and the reciprocating piston drives the electric generator.


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