Salient White Elephant

March 13, 2009

Counter-Weighted HAWT

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. What’s wrong with a turbine that has guy wires that attach to the top of the tower and a counter-weighted nacelle?

Counter-Weighted HAWT

One advantage of a three bladed rotor is that it is much quieter than a two bladed rotor. This is true because a three bladed rotor rotates more slowly than a two bladed rotor. But maybe a four bladed rotor could turn more slowly still, and maybe it would be even quieter. We can achieve this with counter-balanced counter-rotating two bladed rotors:

Counter-Weighted Counter-Rotating HAWT

One advantage of this last machine is that the downwind rotor can extract some of the rotational energy that the upwind rotor supplied to the streamtube. It may also be possible for one wind rotor to turn the generator rotor, while the other turns the generator “stator” in the opposite direction. This doubles the effective generator rpm.


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